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the unexpected has arrived

We at textilepeople.­co.­uk are always pleased when we think we are not losing ground to importers who work on behalf of Johnny Foreigner.

There has been a huge narrowing of the gap in our two prices over the last couple of years.

Today the difference in price was 0 Nowt nothing zilch.

By the time duties and taxes have been paid our price has matched an import quote.  Why on earth go elsewhere than Great Britain to buy aprons, tea towels (teatowels), canvas bags and kitchen textiles. 

Customer - Come back, all is forgiven.

We are still here, still making lots of kitchen textiles such as bib aprons, waist aprons, oven gloves, oven mitts, lemon wraps (otherwise known as Muslins), we make what you want, in the design you like and with world class quality.

Our tea towels are made for printers to print on without having to get rid of creases, same goes for our bags for life.

We don't deal direct with retailers, we are honourable and honest but best of all we are British. No, Great British.

We have real British people working here at our mill earning a decent crust.  Fair trade right here on your doorstep.

workers rights adhered to, working conditions we would all quite like and no child labour.

Form an orderly queue!