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textilepeople looking foward to new machinery and recruiting

Wev have no capacity, we have no carding and spinning, very little weaving and not much knitting. But here at Textilepeople we have sewing and expertise. We want to look after our loyal customers first so enquire if you wish, David@textilepeople.co.uk but we are not impressed by huge quantities of tea towels aprons, bib aprons and waist aprons, oven gloves and tablecloths, we know you retailers want to screw us on price then pay 3 months after we deliver but we do not do business like that. If you don't sell our wonderful kitchen products then you will find an excuse to return them to us when its your bad design not our poor quality of workmanship.

Our customers are polite, patient and honourable.

Those qualities were exported years ago by buyers and maybe when they are repatriated then we will be happy to sell you aprons, tea towels, bags for life and kitchen textiles made here in Great Britain. Ever heard of it?