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tea towels for the Royal Couple

some of our customers are worried about printing commemorative tea towels. As long as printers do not use photos with a copyright then anything can be printed on them. there will be plenty of photos to be found on the internet of HRH and quite a lot of the future HRH.

the text is up to you, the printer

No need to stop at tea towels. we sell thousands of white aprons on which an image of Kate would look great. Sorry we do not sell marigolds but we can supply those old fashioned jug mops.

we don't know who will go to the supermarket for the newly weds but we hope they go to Booths in Lancashire when they are up here, quality food and moral purchasing. Trully excellent wine departments in every store.

How do we know. Just guess.  By the way we make cotton bottle bags too and jute bottle bags. Now there's an idea for a commemorative item. A bag with this years vintage in but unfortunatel you would have to wait until next year, unless you make the mistake of buying Beaujolais nouveau. Awful.