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Storage project now complete

Our new mezzanine storage floor is 900 sq ft - approx 85m2

It has enabled us to increase stock and speed up deliveries whilst our new electric pallet truck has made unloading and loading quicker and easier (on our backs!).

Valete  Margaret our Finance Director is retiring after working with our Company for 25 years. She has been wonderful and vital in our sustained growth.

Salve   Catherine who is taking over most of Margaret's duties and answering most of your calls too! She is a very welcome addition to the team.

Two additional sewing machinist have joined us Janet & Jean.  Nicki has also arrived as an eagle eyed quality controller, folder and packer.

Sorry to let you know that the price of cotton has increased 26% in the last 12 months and will have an inevitable knock on effect to our prices. Overheads have increased too because of the massive increase in fuel prices. Are we in for a higher rate of inflation?

The official rate does not reflect the reality.