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splades, just what are they?

Best quality 18/10 stainless steel. Beautifully crafted to suit both left and right handers. ideal for a posh do.   For more information https://­www.­textilepeople.­co.­uk/­products/­splades-sporks-products.html

ideal  for TV Dinners too. the splade is pretty good for people with arthritis, there is plenty to grip and its got the weight which goes with a quality steel.

We are proud to let our readers know that we have plenty of stock ready for the supper season when friends and relatives gather and wish to circulate . the splade - the perfect answer to that perennial problem of where do you seat people for supper and still alow them to chat?

Spladys (as the are known in some places) are the answer, they can perch, pose, place the backsides onany parking place and hold their plate or dish, platter, bowl or receptacle in one hand and scoop, cut , squash, mash, tine, fork up, sever or slice their delicious supper made by yopu with the other hand.