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splades for spring not forks for dorks

is it girlish to be churlish, please agree that boys like toys and the splade (to some a splayd) will add a little happiness to your boyfriends hubbys sons day so buy him - them all - a splade or spork so they can show off to their chap pals and demonstrate the skill in twirling a kos lettuce leaf round their sausage as deftly as a pilot loops the loop whilst eating his (or her but less likely) lunch at 500 knots.

splades were discovered around the same time that Man or men generally wished to use one hand for scooping food and the other for coarsely gesticulating or demonsrating some intricate tennis stroke.

sporks are plastic and as washable as splades but lighter. some people want to cut up food, fork it in the mouth and generally make their spare hand do as little as possible.

Splades are made from stainless steel sporks from polycarbonate.

just have a look at our prices and enjoy ordering several splades and sporks for ALL the men in your life. watch their mouths water.

now that brings us to another invention......