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On the one hand a dining utensil on the other – well, do anything you like!

A Splade is not just a spoon, it’s a solution.

Maybe your Mama (as in marmalade) has a set of Splayds given to her as a wedding present and she won’t let you borrow them.

Maybe you are a lateral thinker who realises that a spoon is not ideal for eating casseroles and fruit salad.

Why is it that even together a spoon and fork just will not do the job efficiently?

Why can’t we eat and text at the same time? Well we can with a Splade (or is it a splayd?) (or is it a buffet fork?)

A Splade leaves your other hand free to do anything it wants. Shaped to cut and scoop, with fork tines. The cutting sides are not sharp so will not cut your mouth.

Party people want to eat, stand and circulate. The answer – a Splade. (splayd, buffet fork).

Recommended method:- Load food on Splade, chat, put food in mouth, chat. Chew, whilst listening to joke. Swallow, laugh. Ha Ha Ha! All made easy by a Spork.

Elegant design, beautiful quality, 18/10 stainless steel Splade. Weight 60 grms.

£3.95 each + postage and packing 25p each


Splade Best quality 18/10 stainless steel. Beautifully made. Suits both left and right handers. ideal for a posh do. Ideal for TV Dinners . Great for arthritic hands.party fork and spoon combined.