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Safe splades and sporks

We at Splades Sporks get the ocaasional enquiry about the sharpness of the blade side of the splades (splayds) and sporks (combi spoon and fork)

Neither are sharp and both are obvious in their function, it is easier to cut meat with an actual knife as that is their sole purpose, Splades have two (deux) raisons d'etre, cut and skewer. Couper and skewer. One has to press down and roll a little backwards and forwards on meat to get through it. Forget steaks, splades cannot deal with them. And lamb chops. And pork chops. But get a casserole in front of you or a salad or the majority of packed lunches and golly, they are whiz at the job.

So pack a splade or a spork with your work lunch container and you won't go hungry.