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reject tea towels very good value

we sell our perfects at over 70p but we make such a lot there are hundreds of rejects so we have to clear our reject tea towels every so oe usual price you pay ten.  for the usual price you pay in a supermarket we are offering 10.

you can afford to clean your shoes, dry the dog, wipe  the floor, polish your windows and 1000 other tasks you do every week with a grubby piece of cloth or old shirt lap. what a blooming treat  they are so cheap you can throw them on the compost to stop the leaves blowing away and watch the cotton slowly turn to mould and decompose. it s interesting too you see.

Back to the earth from which the cotton came, now that's what I call recycling, earth to earth, most people think its a tea towel but you see it is a multi purpose cleaning cloth, wet or dry , damp or soggy. clean cloth, clean shoes, clean floor clean windows   and ONLY 40p +VAT min purchase 50 units,, send an email to david@textilepeople.co.uk, your and your organisations name, address, tel no. we invoice you, and you pay by BACS preferably. or debit card. then we despatch asap