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Key contacts for our Agent Partners

Not only those at the top end of the market, significantly, all our customers are extremely discerning. Well established client companies who understand the benefits of buying British. No concerns about quality defects, good faith is just part of a regular pattern of great service from experts in their field. From planning to packing we know what we are doing,  assuring confidence in purchasing, confidential with your clients’ business. 

Lantex Manufacturing has a long lineage and key staff with the experience to achieve the highest standards but we are northerners and tell you honestly and without wasting your time if we cannot do a job.  However it is more than probable that we do know someone else who can supply what you want and whom we trust so we will coordinate the order for you.

Paul Chalker our Sales Manager is looking forward to making all our Agent Partners lives as straightforward as possible, he will answer  the technical and business questions providing  the standard of support only possible from nearly 30 years’ experience in the textile industry.

Our standard Hotel and Catering product range-  dining room, restaurant & kitchen textiles - is tailored to specifiers’ requirements, designers’ plans and hospitality managers’ own ideas to bring concepts to materi­ali­zation, with coordinating and contrasting colours, designs to suit their signature look and style.

 Our other market, Retail Buyers will also be interested in co-ordinating colours and contrasts in ranges of domestic / household textiles from kitchen to bedroom.  Aprons to blankets, cushions and shopping bags, our minimum order quantities are not demanding, however scale of production is vital when volume is needed. We made well over one million tea towels last year with qualities ranging from popular to posh!  When there is an opportunity for customers to get a bigger slice of their market, we have the scale and capability to move very quickly for you.

We have a designer, the gifted Virginia Walker who can work with a client’s own design team;  in addition Tim Daverage, our printing and colouring expert will also be essential to designer / specifiers.

You will appreciate that Lantex has the complete solution in printing and manufacturing