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high quality black bib aprons

black polycotton bib aprons do not come better than these. adjustable neck made from the same fabric as the main panel. chest pocket heavy polycotton and we have loads in stock. phone us 01254398017 and ask for david

We have been making aprons for many years in accrington Lancashire. Many people want just 20 or so even less but thats fine. in We can also make orders for thousands of aprons, both bib aprons and waist aprons. Pretty much any colour. As apron manufacturers we also sew whatever colour thread you fancy! black aprons with red stithing, maybe a red pocket too ah the optuons are endless, how about brown aprons with cream thread?

you are only restricted by your imagination you lucky customer you.

In Lancashire where textile manufacturing has been happening for a full 3 centuries we are used to people asking for unusual combinations. you southerners are the wildest, pink aprons with red thread yeuch, anyway as we are here to do your bidding try us on 01254398017   thats a phone number but email us if you wish if you think you will not understand our accent.. Is that a blue accent?

a shade of yorkshire heaven forbid, we are bag specialists too and tablecloths or is that table cloths one word or two. How would we know, we are too busy polishing our clogs to go to skool.