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Fix your costs - now

Isn't it sad to watch the poor old £ being reduced to a laughing stock.

Not only that, its hitting us all in the pocket too. Less business and rising costs. Not a good situation

Well the good news is that because we employ our own sewing machinists here in the mill our prices are not

rising as much as imported items.

They are paid in sterling not dollars, yuan, rupees or euros. This makes a major part of the

cost – wages - the same as it was before the fall in sterling .

Our overheads are also in sterling.

Although our raw material cost has gone up the other costs remain the same and that helps you,

our customer.

Assess what you need for the next 6 months, let us know what you might need and place a contract

AT A FIXED PRICE. That way you don't need to worry about your costs rising even further.