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find a fabric service

Find a Fabric service is something not many people can provide, bt over 350 years experience helps Textilepeople help you.

Polyester, polycotton, nylon acrylics and of course cotton fabrics are all available somewhere the trouble is can you find it, we want to save you the job an expensive job in terms of time and time = money of trawling through th'internet to find obscure cloth.

Much of our time is spent doing that but we charge what you would have had to pay. it costs the same .. so why not try us first, textilepeople.­co.­uk, the finders, .

whats wrong, too much time on your hands fine, try yoursel, think we are going to rip you off. we are still here after 95 yeras that would not be why we stay in business by taking advantage of innocent customers. no we can find cotton fabric in red polester in blue, polycotton in green all on roll and usually in our warehouse.

the Fabric Finders are specialised and dare i say it experts.

If its cloth you are looking for here we are in Lancashire and if we really have to we will go to Yorkshire, but only on Feb 30th