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design your own oven gloves and apron

we at Textilepeople.­co.­uk can help you design a new oven glove and coordinating apron, We are manufacturers of kitchen textiles. we make things, and we make things happen. you have an idea, we can help you realise that idea. we can bring your dream to actuality.

We know a lot of people in the textile industry. we have been in business for 94 years. so we know who does what, we know the best weavers, the best printers and we sew things. we cut and sew . we are CMT (cut, make and trim) people as well as selling fabric on the roll, we use our fabric to make double oven gloves, we are apron manufacturers, what a long word this is we are textile makers. we make things, we make tea towels, we manufacture oven mitts, we sew table cloths, we have machines operated by expert sewing staff. most of these wonderful people can help you realise your concept coordinating range, a chair cover which coordinates witha tea towels, a tea towel which coordinates with an apron, an apron which coordinates with an oven mitt and so on. We want to help you save time, bring an idea to us and we will help prevent you from making time wasting errors, we recommend printers, we hope you will come to us first. don't save the best to the last. We make double oven gloves, we make aprons, we will even make them out of your own fabric, call 01254 398017 or email  we like a challenge. our ladies need the work!