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definition of a splade

struth  (gods truth)
◆ small, flat soft plastic spoons
◆ use of a ‘splade’ instead of a fork
◆ cutlery with a large soft handle for easier grip
  • 2002, Morven F Ball, Developmental Coordination Disorder
    A splade  can be used if there is a problem with coordinating a knife and fork. very handy for people who have broken their hand or arm and excellent for people with certain manual difficulties
  • 2003, Stephen Downes, Advanced Australian Fare [3]
    At even the best dinner parties a splade (an implement  for both skewering a live crocodile and poking it in the eye for good measure and eating it once it has been cooked, this is the only time you will find a crocodile to be tender, but don't kiss it)  combining a spoon, a fork, and a blunt blade) was used to load the food from lap to lip.