Textile People | Textiles for Kitchens

celebrate 100 years of making textile products

20 of our 30 staff have spent all their working lives in textile manufacturing. That’s about 700 years of experience!  We therefore have the necessary expertise in sourcing the fabric customers require then arranging finishing (printing, dyeing and other processes).

In the last few years more and more highly skilled sewing machinists have been drawn to us as we pride ourselves on providing a modern and clean environment in which to work and a team spirit of loyalty and enthusiasm.

We abide by British Standards and legislation in every respect including Employment Law, Health and Safety Regulations and standards of workmanship. We pay Local Rates, Corporation Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax and National Insurance Tax. Over £250,000 per year to help pay for the defence of Great Britain, the NHS, Education of local children, and to help people less fortunate than our own workforce including people who could work with us but don’t.

If its Fair Trade customers are seeking, we give the Fairest Trade possible! We hope our customers will continue to support British jobs.