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Brief History

Lantex Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was founded 1918 as Scapa Manufacturing Co Ltd. in Haslingden, Lancashire as weavers of wide cloth and yarn doublers. The present Chairman is the founder's son. The Managing Director has developed the Company over 38 years , we now make kitchen textiles and cushions, bags for life and other promotional blanks and printed items.

The present Chairman’s father AH Hardman became a director on leaving the army aged 21 after serving in World War 1 and subsequently bought all the shares.

His Grandfather and Great Grandfather were also textile manufacturers and managed another local company from the 1860s where a century later John Parker, Lantex’s Managing Director worked with David Hardman in the 1970s and 80s.

John has developed Lantex into a modern sewing company with a team of 30 and annual sales well in excess of £2m. So after 97 years we continue to manufacture textile products with a team which can design your concepts into creation.

Recently Lantex combined with HTS Print & Design to offer a more comprehensive vertical service, making finished products from cushions to kitchen textiles. We prepare, propose, proof, print, and prototype. Professionally, personally, we measure the cloth, cut, sew and make products just how our customers want them. We are proud of our products and customers put them in pride of place.

Perfection at a fair price. The complete solution, under one roof.

The potential for sales to the new markets identified has therefore increased so Lantex needs commission agents who will be regarded as commercial partners.