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aprons how you want them,

We are based in Lancashire the home of the cotton industry and even where polyester was invented, Accrington. Yes laugh if you like  Accrington Stanley, the club with a glorious past and bright future. Anyway we digress. Our little company has a grand total of only 23 people beavering away on cutting, sewing, trimming and inspecting. All folk from Lancashire, hard working and never complain about anything apart from the weather. 23 people with a total of about 350 years experience making what our customers want and getting the orders out on time. Ask for a Made in Great Britain label, no extra charge for the Union Flag (incorrectly called the Union Jack)

Aprons long ,bib aprons, waist aprons and bistro aprons, Matching table cloths and runners or was that contrasting madam.

Whatever you want, just ask. For a company which supplies the very best hotels, cruise liners, restaurants and posh pubs, you know you will join the band of happy customers.  Tel 01254 398017  ask for John or David