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Aprons, did you say aprons?

Aprons, did you say aprons?

if you want a bargain we have 1000 navy aprons going for £3 each
They even have a pocket, Made in England (Lancashire) Like the picture except all dark blue! Ask for David H david@­textilepeople.­co.­uk

teatowels as wall hangings

have you tried selling beautifully printed tea towels which double as wall hangings? in your online shop
Out of 1000 metres you get 373 towels 6 different images to your design
Oven gloves made in England to your design

Oven gloves made in England to your design

one of the biggest manufacturers of Oven Gloves (and other kitchen textiles) in Great Britain. made to your design - colour., print , trim. We exceed British Standards

cot sheets reduced in price £9, link...

http://­www.­bamboo-textiles.­co.­uk/­products/­bedlinen/­70-viscose-from-bamboo-30-textiles-ltd-sheets-made­/fitted-cot-sheet-52-bamboo-viscose-32-cotton-product.html cot sheets reduced in price
heavy canvas bib apron

heavy canvas bib apron

made in England. Stout cloth and sewn by English ladies in Lancashire, Sound Lasses! Gradely aprons and easy to discuss 01254 398017
aprons made in UK to your colour ideas

aprons made in UK to your colour ideas

aprons, napkins, table cloths, , all restaurant textiles made in Lancashire to match your decor, carpet

celebrate 100 years of making textile products

we have been established 100 years in 1918, is that long enough to prove we are trustworthy, experts at what we do and make a good job of customer orders. Good, then please read more by clicking the title

special offer black bib apron £3.25

We have some good quality black poly cotton cloth and can use it to make bib aprons with or without a double pocket.
No pocket, plain neck loop. 20@ £3.50 50 @ £3.30 100@ £3.25
other options available david T: 01254 398017